CRM Software

CRM Software has all the features you need have in order to run your organization. It helps you track down various issues regarding the organization. Managing an office was much easier in a previous era when employees showed up to work each day and sat at their same desks. But now things have become really difficult. It’s hard to manage each and every individual and check their progress.


Maintaining Relationship with a customer one of the major goal of any kind of business. For long term success there is no other options having a good relationship with the customer. A CRM Software helps to maintain good relationship with the customer.

The primary goal of a CRM software is to Stream line all vital area of customer interactions. Which includes Customer Data Management, Appointment management, Task Management, Sales Progress Management and Sales statistics etc?

On time meeting, On time communication is very important in today’s business world. A CRM software helps to maintain communications by giving on time notifications.

Its really important to observing activity of sales or marketing team like: number of clients they are dealing with, sales progress status and closing sales. A CRM software gives details data of sales progress and day to day activity list of a sales or marketing team.

Its really hard to deal with thousands of clients without any organized solutions. But by implementing a CRM Software one can easily deal with bulk amount of customer without any hassle.

As information on customers accumulates, it’s common for more opportunities to present themselves. For example, keeping track of a particular customer’s buying patterns would make it clear what they are most interested in.

Korea MTS Ltd provide a well organized and complete solution of CRM software which will boost up your sales as well as play a significant role in expansion of your business. We are providing CRM software with following major modules:


Modules of our CRM

  • Employee Management
  • Customer Management
  • Appointment Management
  • Quotation
  • Invoice Management
  • Task Management
  • Product & Inventory Management
  • Sales Analysis
  • Configurations
  • Reports